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Esparanza Parrot Multiband Radio with Alarm Clock
Esparanza Parrot Multiband Radio with Alarm Clock
Multiband portable radio receiver with built-in alarm clock. Telescopic antenna and high-quality speakers deliver excellent signal reception and purity of sound reproduction. The digital display shows the time and frequency. Idel for travel, office or home use.

Supported frequency ranges:

- FM: 87.5-108MHz
- AM: 531-1611kHz
- SW1: 5.90-6.20MHz
- SW2: 7.10-7.35MHz
- SW3: 9.40-9.90MHz
- SW4: 11.60-12.10MHz
- SW5: 13.57-13.87MHz
- SW6: 15.10-15.80MHz
- SW7: 21.45-21.85MHz
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