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Natec Genesis H44 Gaming Headset
Natec Genesis H44 Gaming Headset

Natec Genesis H44 is a great solution for gamers who appreciate the sound quality and pay much attention to the quality of the microphone. Thanks to solutions used in headphones, players will surely be satisfied and their game will be much more joyfull.


H44 provide very good sound quality, which is extremely important during the game sessions. For the best and most fully reflecting events of the virtual world sound are responsible large 40-mm speakers.


The headset is equipped with a high-quality, sensitive microphone. With it communication with the team or casual conversation is not limited by any background noise.


You can find a panel which allows to control volume and microphone on headphone cable. This application shows gaming nature of headphones, so that you do not need to stop the game to perfectly match sound parameters.


Earcups are made of a soft material that will provide convenience even with many hours of using it. In addition, ear pads were covered with leather, which not only gives a more professional look, but also significantly increases the comfort of use.


H44 are a solid headphones in every way. Attention to every piece of equipment set confirms this. They are equipped with durable and tangle-free cable. Its durability is a guarantee of longevity of headphones which will accompany the player in many memorable competitions.
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